My three worlds. . .

My three worlds. . .

I live in three worlds.


There is my home life which includes my family and friends.  I live a fairly normal life, go to church on Sunday, go to work, spend time with my children and grandchildren whenever we can.  We have to go to the grocery store like everyone else, and unfortunately, I even have to clean the toilets.  My everyday normal life is pretty much like every person’s reading this.

There is my work life.  Fortunately, after decades of working full-time, I now only have to work part-time.  My job as a church secretary is fulfilling, taking care of all the little behind-the-scene things that keep the church functioning smoothly.  I find it rewarding to be able to make the church family’s lives easier by helping them in whatever capacity I am able.  After many years of working as a professional in the corporate world where stress was a daily part of my life, I was truly blessed when God led me to my current occupation.

Most people only have those two worlds to deal with.  Home and work.

But I also live in a third world.   That is because I am a writer of fiction.

There is always a story (sometimes two or three) running through my brain.  I have created countless complicated characters and written books about them and their lives (I currently have nine books published and am writing the tenth), and they are characters that will live with me and in my mind forever.  They are like my children, and I treasure each and every one of them (even the bad guys).

Not long ago I remember seeing a post on Facebook that told people to imagine having 2,000 computer tabs open, and that is what a writer’s brain is like.  I think that sums it up nicely!

I can’t tell you how much I love writing though.  If I didn’t put all these stories running through my brain down on paper, I’d probably go insane.

Also, I firmly believe God gives each and every one of us a special gift to use for His Glory.  Writing just happens to be mine.

Whatever your gift, I pray you find it and put your passion into that gift.  There’s nothing like it!

God bless!

Ruth Kyser


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A new release!

New Release

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I have some exciting news to share with you!

Book 2 in “The Morgan Family Saga”, Clara’s Heart, is now available at for Kindle and also in Paperback.            Buy “Clara’s Heart” here!

“Reece Morgan had always planned to return home and help run the family ranch after college, but after a difference of opinion with his father, he decides to accept a job in town. He’s settling in well in his new occupation as a sheriff’s deputy when the troubled granddaughter of the Bluecreek Ranch’s foreman comes to visit the ranch.

Suddenly Reece’s focus changes and his heart is drawn back to his family and the ranching business he loves. However, the young woman, Clara Callahan, makes it known from the start that she doesn’t have the same faith in a loving God that he does. Praying some time apart will dim his feelings for her, Reece once again leaves the ranch for the big city.

Will the two of them find a way to make their stormy relationship work, or will the differences between them be too large a hurdle to overcome?

Clara’s Heart takes place in the years 1938-1939, and continues the story of the ancestors of FBI Agent, Samuel Clemens Morgan, from the TRUE COVER SERIES by Ruth Kyser.”