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Mattie’s Heart — Book 1 in The Morgan Family Saga, series for just 99 CENTS!

Here’s what readers have to say about Mattie’s Heart:

“Loved the book “Mattie’s Heart” (The Morgan Family Saga). Having read all the “True Cover” books this was exciting to see where it all began. Even if you haven’t read the “True Cover” series this would be a good one to start with.
I like the way the author told of the times of hardship they experienced. Not only living out west, but hardships with marriage , grief and personal life. These apply even today in our lives. I would highly recommend this book.”  — an Amazon reviewer

“I’m not usually one for this type of story, but I couldn’t wait to read this story of the Patriarch and Matriarch of the Morgan Family. The founders of the Blue Creek Ranch. I am a huge fan of the True Cover series and I really wanted to see how it all started. Mattie and Brady endured a lot of hardship and loss, but didn’t lose their faith. They realized that God was their Provider, Sustainer, Comforter, and their absolute everything.”  — a reviewer on Amazon

And COMING SOON — Clara’s Heart — Book 2 in The Morgan Family Saga!  Stay tuned . . .

**After graduating from university, Reece Morgan returns to the Bluecreek Ranch, his family’s cattle ranch.  He’s ready to start taking over more of the daily running of the place, but he and his father, Brady Morgan, have differing opinions on how things should be done.

Then a young woman comes to the ranch — Clara Callahan — the estranged youngest granddaughter of the Bluecreek Ranch’s foreman.  Suddenly Reece finds his life even more complicated as he tries to decide what he wants to do with the rest of his life.  Does he want to stay at the ranch and deal with his father’s old-fashioned ideas, or does he want to return to the city?

And how does the brown-eyed Clara Callahan fit into his plan?***             RKyser-72dpi-1500x2000 CLARAS HEART


Research . . .

I love doing research for my books.

Reading books about the time period in which I’ll be writing is a must if I want my stories to be accurate and give my readers the feeling of actually ‘being there’.

Photos of the setting, time period, and what I envision my characters look like, also help me when I’m creating the story.  Most of the time I keep all this ‘research’ information to myself–at least until the book is finished and released.

Once the books are out there in the public eye, however, I want my readers to know and understand where my story comes from.  So having said that, here are a few photos I used when I was doing research for my most recent Christian Historical Romance, Mattie’s Heart — Book 1 in The Morgan Family Saga — available at

You can purchase “Mattie’s Heart” here!

RKyser-72dpi-1500x2000Enjoy the photos!



Northern Pacific Railroad station at Gardiner, Montana, train in station, 1905file000878232921

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P.S.  If you’ve read Mattie’s Heart, I would love to hear back from you about your thoughts.  Do these photos represent what YOU thought of when you read the book?

By the way, you can see more photos I used for research for ALL my books on Pinterest:  Ruth Kyser on Pinterest

God bless you!

Ruth Kyser