“True Cover”, now only 99 cents for Kindle….

HURRY and get your copy while it’s still just 99 cents!





If you haven’t read my Christian Romantic Suspense series yet, the first book in the series, “True Cover”, is on sale right now for kindle for just 99 cents!

Here are some things readers have had to say about the book:

***** “I simply loved this book. From the first page it kept me involved and I didn’t want to put it down. It was a great example of the grace of God. It was riveting and wonderful to follow these characters through such intense twist and turns in each of their lives. I would recommend it for any reader who is interested in mysteries.” — Cher on Amazon.com

***** “I Loved reading this suspense novel. It had one unexpected turn after another. So wonderful how the gospel is shared all through out the story.” — Amazon customer

***** “It is a book I didn’t want to put down! I have being reading a very well know Christian author but her books were just too predictable. This book has a lot of suspense and fun to read…..” — Susie on Amazon.com

***** “I love when I can read an interesting story that is a clean read. Easy to enjoy and thank you!” — Renee on Amazon.com

***** “True Cover is an AMAZING suspense fiction novel for anyone who enjoys mystery, suspense and intrigue. I absolutely LOVED the FBI and modern mystery twist. And the end was surprising, but wonderful!! Check it out!! Ruth Kyser should have the opportunity to make this a bestseller!” — Joy on Amazon.com