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Reading, Writing, and Research….

I really like doing research!file000175875802

Sometimes when I’m writing, I find myself getting sidetracked by looking up a piece of information or checking on a fact.  I know some writers just keep writing and go back later to check the facts, but in most cases I would much rather take a few minutes to make sure what I am writing falls in the realm of plausible.  I’ve found it I don’t do this, I end up wasting time writing something that later I have to go back and totally delete from the manuscript.  I hate doing that!

Maybe some writers don’t have to worry about facts.  Do writers who deal more in the realm of science fiction have to check to make sure their writing is accurate, or do they just go with the flow?  Hmmm.  Good question.  I may have to ask some of my author friends that question some time.

Anyway, back to my research.

My current WIP (Work In Progress–for you newbies out there) has required me to research Michigan trees, flora and climate in South Carolina, Civil War, slavery, and Canadian census records.  And I’m sure there will be much more research required as I’m not finished yet!

But honesty, I really do enjoy the research part of my writing.  It’s the ‘getting the feel’ for the facts that allow me to get into my characters’ heads like I do.  Without the research, I’m afraid my writing would be rather boring–more along the lines of an essay.  And who wants that?

So….now that I’ve taken a little break to write this blog, I’m back to ‘hitting the books’, so to speak.  Gotta study up for writing the next scene!