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Distractions, distractions….now, what was I doing???

Some days I just can’t win. I had grandiose plans to spend most of today writing and working on my most recent WIP.

However, between laundry, a multitude of phone calls, tree-trimmers showing up to trim the large oak tree we have in our back yard, my having to help my hubby with his latest project in the basement, working on my music for tomorrow’s church service, friends bringing an apple pie we had purchased at a recent fund-raiser (need I go on?)…I’ve decided that perhaps it is not in God’s will for me to write today.

I have managed to get down these few thoughts for my blog, but even that has been interrupted by more phone calls and the sound of chain saws and small limbs falling on the roof of the house.
If I’ve learned one thing in my years here on earth, our plans are not always God’s plans. Our timing is not always God’s timing. His plans and His timing are perfect. And I am so glad He is in control of our lives and not me! I know, without a doubt, that I would mess things up terribly.

So, make your plans, but be sure to be flexible enough to allow God to work in and through your life. His ways are perfect, and for that I am thankful!

God bless your day!

“The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9 (NASB)