Kicking a book out the door…

file000264032282I’ve decided writing a book is very much like raising a child. You create it, tend it, change it, and make it grow. When you think it’s finally ready, you sent it on its way out into the world on its own.

Recently I had to go through this painful process with my most recent book, “True Cover–Bluecreek Ranch”. It’s book two in the series and continues the story of FBI Special Agent, Sam Morgan, and his team. I re-wrote and edited this book to the point I was quite honestly tired of looking at it. It’s kind of like that 21-year-old you love dearly, but most days just wish would move out of the house and get their own place.

So, I kicked my book out of the nest and sent it on its way. But as all authors will tell you, it’s terrifying! I worry about it being ridiculed, criticized, and hurt by those who might not like or understand it.

I think any one who has been a parent can sympathize with that feeling.

Nonetheless, I know in order for people to read my books, I have to release them. It’s always a sad day when it is time to say good-bye to the characters who have lived in my head for so long. I’ve had their thoughts, dreams, and dilemmas to deal with for so long, it’s always kind of hard to give them up. They’ve become almost as real to me as any of my friends and family have even been.

I have to admit though, I also look forward with joyous expectation to the next book, and the opportunity to get to know a whole new set of characters!


True Cover book 2 is now available….

I’m pleased to announce – the sequel to “True Cover” is now available for ebook through

file000589735717 - HORSE COW - Copy

This book continues the story which began in “True Cover”.

Samuel Clemens Morgan and his FBI team are back. After a shootout ‘gone bad’ injures all three members of the team, Sam and his team are separated for a time. As Sam tries to recover both mentally and physically, he starts to doubt his faith and what God has planned for his life. Then an unexpected emergency sends Sam and his family to Montana. Events start taking place which cause Sam to wonder about the wisdom of that decision and worry–After all these years, has his wife’s past enemies finally found her?

Be sure and check out my new book! And if you can, please leave a review on its Amazon page so others can find it and read it too!

Hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it for you!

Have a blessed day.

Ruth Kyser

Spring always comes….






I saw my first robin of the spring the day before yesterday.  Even though it was a still a gloomy and cold winter day, just seeing that welcome harbinger of spring made it “feel” warmer. 

Only those who live in the ‘north country’ can understand the excitement seeing that little bird can bring.  In a place where winter lasts anywhere from four to five months (sometimes more), any sign of warm weather, sunshine, green grass, and colorful flowers is welcome!

One of my favorite books as a young girl was entitled, “Spring Came on Forever”, by Bess Streeter Aldrich.  The copy I have was my mother’s, and has a publication date of 1944.  If not for the tape holding together the spine of the book, it would be in tatters – it’s been read and re-read so many times!  Bess Streeter Aldrich is one of the authors whose writing inspired me to be a writer.  If you haven’t read any of her books, I would encourage you do to so.  They are the original historical romance novels! 

Anyway – back to my robin.

I consider that first glimpse of the red-breasted bird as a sign of hope – of warmer weather, sunshine and good times to come.

Because just like daybreak arrives every morning, spring comes every year.  We just have to be patient.

Song of Solomon 2:11   “For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone;”